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Welcome to AfRx Consulting

Dear Reader,

Firstly welcome to AfRx Consulting, a grouping of likeminded consultants with passion and experience for improving healthcare access across sub-Saharan Africa. As founder I'd like to take this opportunity to describe a little the background and ethos that led me to found this firm.

I believe better healthcare data and insights facilitate better health outcomes. I have spent the past six years working and consulting on creating a more transparent environment for investing in and improving African healthcare. My personal goal is to improve access to medicines, with a focus on the role of the private sector, data and technological innovation in effecting change.

In consulting, AfRx works predominantly on strategic and research focused projects to help private, public and NGO clients plan for success in Africa. Topics that we’ve worked on include market access, distribution strategy, digital technologies, local manufacturing, market sizing, primary market research, the role of the private sector and regulatory affairs. This usually involves constructing a clear project plan, conducting primary and secondary research, then synthesizing this with the client’s input into a realistic and tangible set of recommendations, delivered to deadline and in a concise format. The research component often involves elements of data analytic skills, both processing raw data and obtaining insights from developed datasets. In addition, AfRx relies on the network of experts built up across a range of countries and healthcare topics for input.

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