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Meeting the demand for data

There is undoubtedly a huge shortage of data on the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets of sub-Saharan Africa. That is different from saying there is no data though. Sources do exist for data but are often in silos have poor coverage, data quality control or flawed metrics.


AfRx Consulting's approach is to map available data sources and build relationships with the relevant stakeholders in insurance, facilities, point of sales systems and distribution networks. Upon taking a project we can quickly determine which partners hold relevant data and combine the various sources. This is done alongside primary market research which remains a key element of market understanding.

Data Overview

Data and Analytics

Types of Health and Commodity Data

Across the healthcare value chain there are a variety of types of data available. Broadly these can be categorized as Epidemiology, clinical outcomes, patient records, health insurance claims, regulatory affairs, procurement, pharmaceutical import records, health commodity distribution records, HR performance, health commodity dispensing and diagnostics & labs


Different data sets hold different relative levels of value, as a general rule the closer data gets to the patient the higher value it is but the harder it is to curate, generate and analyse. 

Requirements for Data Integrity and Usage

There are four key components required for determining the integrity of healthcare data.

  1. Data must be accurate and describe the correct key performance targets

  2. Tools must exist to process the big data generated

  3. Analytic capacity should exist to turn data into insights and recommendations

  4. Organisational structures must exist to incorporate insights derived from data

Types of health data
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